Liquid Bag Filters

Glazed Polypropylene Felt Liquid Bag Filters

SpiroPure SP-BP series liquid bag filters fit any 10 or 20 inch standard bag filter housings for a variety of applications. The polypropylene felt filter media offers a high solid loading capacity, while the glazed finish reduces the chance of migration.

Nylon Monofilament Mesh Liquid Bag Filters

The SP-BN Series of liquid bag filters by SpiroPure are designed to fit any 10 or 20 inch standard bag filter housing for a variety of applications. The nylon monofilament mesh provides increased strength and stretch resistance, giving them a high solid retention and flow rate.

Polyester Felt Bag Filters

SpiroPure SP-BE series liquid bag filters are composed of polyester felt filter media. Polyester felt offers a high dirt loading capacity and reliable filtration performance. Polyester felt bag filters are particularly suited to applications that require a high temperature tolerance and low moisture, such as filtration for food manufacturing, metalworking, woodworking, and energy filtration.

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