Whole House Filter Systems

SP-WH300 / SP-WH200

SpiroPure whole house filter systems offer water filtration for your entire home, with sediment, carbon, and salt-free descaler cartridges. The system arrives fully assembled and ready to install, while the pressure relief button and included housing filter wrench make filter replacement quick and easy. Also available in a 2-stage, sediment and carbon filtration system option.
  • Stage 1: A dual gradient, polypropylene sediment filter effectively reduces dirt and sediment with a high flow rate and dirt holding capacity
  • Stage 2: German-made catalytic carbon filter media utilizes highly ionized catalytic coconut shell GAC carbon to reduce chloramines, heavy metals, and other contaminants more effectively than other carbon filters
  • Stage 3 (SP-WH300 only): German-made salt-free descaler technology prevents scale buildup on plumbing pipes, appliances, and fixtures without the mess and hassle of salts for a more environmentally friendly, easier water softening experience
  • Up to 12 months of filtration for city or well water, for use with cold water only
  • System has a flow rate of 4-8 gpm and a max operating pressure of 90 psi
  • Includes: two or three 20 BB filter housings, 20x4.5 sediment cartridge, 20x4.5 catalytic carbon cartridge, 20x4.5 descaler cartridge (SP-WH300 only), filter wrench, metal mounting bracket, and teflon tape
Filter Details Chart
Model Number Number of Stages Filtration Types Inlet/Outlet Temperature Rating Maximum Pressure Replacement Filter Set
SpiroPure SP-WH300 SP-WH300 3 Sediment, Carbon, Descaler 1" NPT 39°F - 125°F (4°C - 52°C) 90 psi (6.20 bar) SpiroPure SP-WH325 SP-WH325
SpiroPure SP-WH200 SP-WH200 2 Sediment, Carbon 1" NPT 39°F - 125°F (4°C - 52°C) 90 psi (6.20 bar) SpiroPure SP-WH225 SP-WH225
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