Salt-Free Descaler Cartridges

SP-SC Series

SpiroPure descaler water filter cartridges have a German-made, advanced descaler technology that offers a salt-free alternative to traditional water softeners. The descaler not only prevents hard water buildup on plumbing pipes, fixtures, and appliances, but also removes existing buildup from pipes. Salt-free water softening means less hassle, no maintenance, no mess. Just switch out the cartridge! Our cartridges are also better for the environment, won’t affect the taste or smell of your water, and preserve healthy minerals in drinking water unlike traditional water softeners.
  • Innovative German-made salt-free descaler filter media 
  • Anti-scale media protects from hard water buildup but preserves healthy minerals by transforming calcium and magnesium into harmless, non-soluble micro-crystals
  • Salt-free water softener is better for the environment and agriculture and won’t affect the taste and smell of water
  • Less hassle, no maintenance with no salt, backwashing, or regeneration cycle required; just swap out the filter cartridge
  • Cartridges have a flow rate of 4-8 gpm and a temperature rating of 39°F to 125°F (4°C to 52°C)
Filter Details Chart
Size Model Number Temperature Rating
2.5" x 10" SP-SC0375-10 39°F - 125°F (4°C - 52°C)
2.5" x 20" SP-SC050-20 39°F - 125°F (4°C - 52°C)
4.5" x 10" SP-SC075-BB 39°F - 125°F (4°C - 52°C)
4.5" x 20" SP-SC100-20BB 39°F - 125°F (4°C - 52°C)
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