Reverse Osmosis Systems

SpiroPure reverse osmosis systems utilize 5 stages of filtration to provide a complete filtration performance for cleaner, clearer water for your home. The system comes with everything you need for under sink installation with a variety of air gap faucet choices.
  • Advanced 5-stage filtration includes sediment, GAC carbon, carbon block, RO membrane, and post carbon polishing filters in one undersink system

  • Choose a system without the air gap faucet or select a system with one of the five available stylish faucet finishes

  • Filters water of unwanted sediment, chlorine, taste & odor, and over 1000 contaminants for clearer, healthier water

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Filter Details Chart
Model # Faucet Finish Number of Stages Replacement Filter Set
SpiroPure RO System SP-RO100 No Faucet 5 SP-RO125
SpiroPure RO System SP-RO100-AB Antique Bronze 5 SP-RO125
SpiroPure RO System SP-RO100-BK Black 5 SP-RO125
SpiroPure RO System SP-RO100-CM Chrome 5 SP-RO125
SpiroPure RO System SP-RO100-GD Gold 5 SP-RO125
SpiroPure RO System SP-RO100-NK Nickel 5 SP-RO125
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