Leak Detector Kit with Drip Tray

The SpiroPure Leak Detector Kit with Drip Tray includes a mechanical leak detector and heavy-duty drip tray for undersink water filtration systems like reverse osmosis systems. The detector shuts off water at the first sign of a leak without the need of electricity or batteries, protecting your home from water damage. The drip tray further protects by catching any of the leak that activates the detector. The tray has 6 mount points for the detector for versatile install, and the kit also includes 2 cartridges, and 2 Phillips head screws for a succesful installation. 
  • No electricity or batteries required; the detector detects water with an absorbant cotton pad that expands at the first sign of water, depressing a lever that cuts water at the elbow joint
  • 1/4" Quick Connect ports on the detector can be used as the inlet or the outlet, allowing for a custom install
  • Drip tray is composed of ABS plastic, an extremely durable but safe non-toxic plastic
  • Tray is compact but large, making it a good choice for almost any undersink system, including large RO systems
  • Connects easily to the 1/4" QC tubing of under sink water filter systems
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Leak Detector Components Checklist
Included Component SpiroPure SP-LD200-KIT SpiroPure SP-LD200-KIT Full Kit SpiroPure SP-LD133-BRK SpiroPure SP-LD133-BRK Optional Brackets SpiroPure SP-LD125-10PK SpiroPure SP-LD125-10PK Replacement Cartridges SpiroPure SP-LD100 SpiroPure SP-LD100 Replacement Detector SpiroPure SP-LD152-TRAY SpiroPure SP-LD152-TRAY Replacement Tray
Leak Detector Yes Yes
Cartridges 2-Pack 10-Pack 2-Pack
Tray Yes Yes
Screws (for Tray) Yes
Brackets 1 Pair (2 Brackets)
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