Portable Countertop RO Systems

The SpiroPure portable countertop reverse osmosis systems come in either a 3-stage or a 4-stage system. The 3-Stage Portable Apartment RO Water Filter System offers sediment, carbon, and RO filtration perfect for easy access to clean, clear RO water for drinking water, RVs, baby formula, cooking, and more. The 4-Stage Portable RO with DI Filter provides sediment, carbon, RO, and deionization filtration for practically purified water for aquariums, CPAP machines, humidifiers, spot-free car washes, streak-free glass and window cleaning, and more.
  • A premium polypropylene sediment filter provides 25 micron filtration to reduce dirt, rust, and other sediment particles from water to protect the RO membrane and system
  • Coconut shell solid block carbon filter media reduces chlorine and other unwanted chemicals for better water and added protection for the RO membrane
  • A thin-film composite RO membrane filters over 1,000 impurities and TDS (total dissolved solids) down to 0.0001 micron
  • Mixed-bed color-changing resin media allows enhanced deionization filtration of ions from water for water that is almost completely chemically purified of sodium, sulfate, copper, and more (SP-RO400AQD only)
  • Unlike many other systems on the market, SpiroPure systems use a 150 GPD RO membrane for the highest flow rate currently available in this standard membrane size
  • Mount the system on the wall or set it up on a countertop or other surface for versatile installation
  • System arrives mostly pre-assembled to save you time and energy, including with pre-installed mounting brackets and already connected quick-connect fittings on each filter cartridge
  • Includes two faucet adapters (3/4" and 1/2") to ensure you have what you need for a successful install
  • Indicator color-changing deionization resin lets you know visually when it is time to change your filter cartridge
  • Deionization filtration produces pure water faster, more efficiently, and more affordably than distillation
Filter Details Chart
Model Number Filter Stages Flow Rate (Gallons per Day) RO Salt Rejection Filter Life Temperature Rating Pressure Rating Replacement Set
SpiroPure SP-RO300AQ SP-RO300AQ Sediment, Carbon, Reverse Osmosis 150 GPD Up to 98% 6-12 months 40℉ to 100℉ (4℃ to 38℃) 125 PSI SpiroPure SP-RO325 SP-RO325
SpiroPure SP-RO400AQD SP-RO400AQD Sediment, Carbon, Reverse Osmosis, Deionization 150 GPD Up to 98% 6-12 months 40℉ to 100℉ (4℃ to 38℃) 125 PSI SpiroPure SP-RO325 SP-RO425
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