RV Water Filter Systems

SP-RV300 Series

SpiroPure Advanced 3-Stage RV Water Filter Systems (SP-RV300 & SP-RV311) utilize sediment, carbon, and descaler cartridges to provide your RV with the complete water filtration it needs. Get the SpiroPure SP-RV325 cartridge replacement set for convenient and easy yearly filter cartridge replacement.
  • Stage 1: Premium polypropylene media filters water of sediment

  • Stage 2: Specialized German-made catalytic carbon reduces impurities like chlorine, heavy metals, PFAS, PFOAS, and more more effectively than other carbon filters

  • Stage 3: Cutting-edge German-made descaler media is a salt-free solution not hard water buildup that not only prevents scale, but also reduces previously formed scale from plumbing pipes

  • SP-RV300 offers a filter housing frame while SP-RV311 has a wall-mount for your water filter system. 

  • In addition to filter stand or wall mount, the package includes 3 filter housings, 1 sediment cartridge, 1 catalyic carbon cartridge, 1 descaler cartridge, a filter wrench, and a plastic bag with extra O-rings.

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Filter Details Chart
Model Number System Type Capacity Filter Life Compatible Model Numbers
SpiroPure SP-RV300 SP-RV300 Free Standing 5,000 Gallons One Season SP-RV325 Cartridge Replacement Set
SP-RV311 Wall-Mount 5,000 Gallons One Season SP-RV325 Cartridge Replacement Set
SpiroPure SP-RV311 SP-RV325 Replacement Set 5,000 Gallons One Season SP-RV300 & SP-RV311 Water Filter Systems
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