RV Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Set

SpiroPure SP-RV325 is a 3-Stage Water Filter Replacement Cartridge Set that offers a sediment, catalytic carbon, and salt-free descaler cartridge in one handy package to make filter replacement quick and easy for the SP-RV300 and SP-RV311 RV water filter systems. 10” x 2.5” filter cartridges fit any 10” slim water filter housings.
  • 100% polypropylene sediment filter cartridge offers 1 micron of filtration for reduction of dirt, sand, rust, and other sediment particles

  • German-made catalytic carbon media reduces contaminants such as chlorine, chloramine, heavy metals, sulfur odors, PFAS, and more even more effectively than traditional carbon filters

  • Cutting-edge, German-made descaler technology offers a salt-free solution to prevent hard water buildup from forming on appliances, fixtures, and plumbing while also reducing previously formed scale from pipes. Easier to maintain with no need for salts or electricity; better for the environment, agriculture, and water supplies; and won’t leave you slippery and slimy after a shower

  • 10” x 2.5” cartridges last for an entire season, making for a convenient yearly replacement set.

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